You don’t have to let bad personal credit destroy your dreams of starting your own business. It may take a little longer to get started, but it is possible. The key is business credit.

crowdfunding resources Business Credit Guru2 - 46 Crowdfunding Resources Available to Help You Run Your CampaignAre you looking for crowdfunding resources? You’ve come to the right place.

If you are wondering how to get a small business loan, you may be thinking in terms of credit score. Of course, both your personal and business credit score make a huge difference in approval chances.

Do you know about being fundable in a recession? Fundability – or, not just the ability to be funded but how desirable an entity is for funding – means different things to banks, venture capitalists, angel investors, and informal investors.

You already know your credit scores, both personal and business, affect fundability. But did you know that there is one business credit score that uses not only both business and personal credit history, but other information as well.

As we near the time most of us dread, when taxes are due, there is a major spin on things this year. The Covid-19 virus has put the world completely on its head, and even the IRS isn’t immune.

Are you a minority female looking for small business loans? Then hop aboard the small business loans for minority women express. Each stop along the route has something to offer. Pull into the station, stay awhile, and learn about what each option has to offer.

Lenders often look at your commercial credit report in addition too, or in lieu of, your personal credit score. As you know, they use the information on the report to help them decide if your business is a good credit risk, or a bad one.